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Fueron muchas las figuras del cine que grabaron discos con mayor o menor fortuna. Unos cantaron, otros acompañaron en dúos o en grupos y otros solamente hicieron recitados. Esta es una pequeña selección por órden alfabético de lo anterior.

AGNES MOOREHEAD- Sorry, wrong number 1947
AGNES MOOREHEAD- The Lavender Lady 1969
AL PACINO- In conversation 1998
ALAIN DELON & DALIDA- Paroles...paroles 1973
ALAIN DELON & SHIRLEY BASSEY- Thought i'd ring you 1983
ALAN ARKIN- Folk songs. Once over lightly 1954
ALBERT FINNEY- Alber Finney's Album 1977
ALDO MACCIONE- Le dragueur classe 1982
ALICE FAYE- Got my mind on music 1997
ALICE FAYE- Sings her famous movie hits 1962
ALICE FAYE- The complete Arc & Brunswick sides 2003
ALICE FAYE- You'll never know 1997
ANDREA MARCOVICCI- Marcovicci sings movies 1987
ANDREA MARCOVICCI- What is love 1992
ANGELA LANSBURY- Legends of Broadway 2006
ANITA MUI- Anita Mui 1985
ANITA MUI- Greatest hits 2004
ANITA MUI- Leap the stage 1984
ANN BLYTH- Hail Mary (sin fecha)
ANNA KARINA- Chansons de films 2004
ANNA KARINA- Une historie d'amour 2000
ANNETTE FUNICELLO- All the hits and more 2007
ANNETTE FUNICELLO- Annette sings Anka 1960
ANNETTE FUNICELLO- Annette sings golden surfin' hits 1964

ANNETTE FUNICELLO- Annette's beach party 1963
ANNETTE FUNICELLO- Annette's Pajama Party 1964
ANNETTE FUNICELLO- At bikini beach 1964
ANNETTE FUNICELLO- Dance Annette 1961
ANNETTE FUNICELLO- Hawaiiannette 1960
ANNETTE FUNICELLO- Italiannette 1960
ANNETTE FUNICELLO- Muscle beach party 1963
ANNETTE FUNICELLO- Something borrowed, something blue 1964
ANNETTE FUNICELLO- Songs from Annette and other
Walt Disney serials 1959
ANNETTE FUNICELLO- The best of 2001
ANNETTE FUNICELLO- The Country Album 1984
ANNETTE FUNICELLO- The story of my teens 1962
ANNIE GIRARDOT- Ce que j'ai dans la tete 1982
ANN-MARGRET. 1961-1966  (1998)
ANN-MARGRET. And here she is 1961
ANN-MARGRET. Ann-Margret 1980
ANN-MARGRET. Bacherlor's Paradise 1963
ANN-MARGRET. God is love 2001
ANN-MARGRET. Let me entertain you 1996
ANN-MARGRET. On the way up 1962
ANN-MARGRET. Songs from The Swinger an other swingin' songs 1966
ANN-MARGRET. The many moods of 1984
ANN-MARGRET. The very best of 2001
ANN-MARGRET. The vivacious one 1962
ANN-MARGRET. Viva la vivacious 2004
ANTHONY NEWLEY- Greatest hits 1989
ANTHONY NEWLEY- In my solitude 1964
ANTHONY NEWLEY- Love is a now and then thing 1960
ANTHONY NEWLEY- The best of 1969
ANTHONY NEWLEY- The genius of 1966
ANTHONY PERKINS- From my heart 1958
ANTHONY PERKINS- On a rainy afternoon 1958
ANTHONY QUINN- In my own way i love you 1969
ANTHONY QUINN- My forgotten years (Sin fecha)
ARLETTY- La femme est faite pour l'amour 1994
ARLETTY- Mon homme 1980
ASHLEY TISDALE- Guilty pleasure 2009
ASHLEY TISDALE- Headstrong 2007
AUDREY HEPBURN- Enchanted tales 1993

AUDREY HEPBURN- Gardens of the world 1993
AUDREY HEPBURN- Robin and Marian 1976
BARBARA EDEN- Miss Barbara Eden 1967
BARBRA STREISAND- My name is Barbra 1965
BARBRA STREISAND- My name is Barbra two 1965
BARBRA STREISAND- The second Barbra Streisand album 1963
BARBRA STREISAND- The third album 1964
BERNADETTE PETERS- Bernadette Peters 1980
BERNADETTE PETERS- I'll be your baby tonight 1996
BERNADETTE PETERS- Loves Rodgers & Hammerstein 2002
BERNADETTE PETERS- Now playing 1981
BERNADETTE PETERS- Sondheim, etc. Live at Carnegie Hall 1997
BETTY GRABLE-  The Pin-up Girl 1997
BETTY GRABLE- Sweetheart of
BETTY HUTTON- At the saints and sinners ball 1959
BETTY HUTTON- Best of the RCA years 1996
BETTY HUTTON- Satins and spurs 1958
BETTY HUTTON- Somebody loves me 2005
BETTY HUTTON- The blonde bombshell 2006
BETTY PAGE- The complete interview 2000
BILL COSBY- 8'15 -12'15 (1969)
BILL COSBY- 200 M.P.H. 1968
BILL COSBY- At his best 1994
BILL COSBY- Bill Cosby 1969
BILL COSBY- I started out as a child 1964
BILL COSBY- Is a very funny fellow right! 1963
BILL COSBY- It's true! it's true! 1969
BILL COSBY- Revenge 1967
BILL COSBY- Sings hooray for the salvation army band! 1968
BILL COSBY- Sings silver throat 1967
BILL COSBY- The best of 1969
BILL COSBY- To Russell, my brother, whom i slept with 1968
BILL COSBY- Why is there air 1965
BILL COSBY- Wonderfulness 1966
BING CROSBY & ROSEMARY CLOONEY- Fancy meeting you here 1958
BING CROSBY- Bing in Paris 1958
BING CROSBY- Bing sings whilst bregman swings 1956
BING CROSBY- Bing with a beat 1957
BOB HOPE- Bob Hope and his friends 1977

BOB HOPE- The best of 2003
BOBBY DARIN- 18 yellow roses and 11 other hits 1963
BOBBY DARIN- Bobby Darin 1958
BOBBY DARIN- Darin at The Copa 1960
BOBBY DARIN- For teenagers only 1960
BOBBY DARIN- From Hello Dolly to Goodbye Charlie 1964
BOBBY DARIN- Oh! look at me now 1962
BOBBY DARIN- Sings Ray Charles 1962
BOBBY DARIN- That's all 1959
BOBBY DARIN- Things & other things 1962
BOBBY DARIN- This is Darin 1960
BOBBY DARIN- Winners 1964
BOBBY DARIN- You're the reason i'm living 1963
BOURVIL- Ça 1970
BOURVIL- Les crayons 1952
BRIGITTE BARDOT- Brigitte Bardot 1963
BRIGITTE BARDOT- L'appareil a sous 1963
BRIGITTE BARDOT- Love is my profession 1959
BRUCE CAMPBELL- Make love! The Bruce Campbell way 2005
BRUCE WILLIS- If it don't kill you, it just makes you stronger 1989
BRUCE WILLIS- Master series 1997
BRUCE WILLIS- Millennium edition 2000
BRUCE WILLIS- The return of Bruno 1987
BRUCE WILLIS- The Universal masters collection 2001
BULR IVES- Songs of the west 1961
BURL IVES-  A collection of ballads and folk song 1949
BURL IVES- Genius of folk 2005
BURL IVES- Greatest hits 1967
BURL IVES- On the beach at Waikiki 1965
BURL IVES- Sings... for fun 1956
BURL IVES- The best of 1965
BURL IVES- The collection 2001
CARMEN ELECTRA- Carmen Electra 1993
CARMEN MIRANDA- A pequena nota'vel nos palcos da Broadway 1959
CARMEN MIRANDA- O melhor de 2003
CARMEN MIRANDA- Rio de Janeiro-Hollywood 2004
CARMEN MIRANDA- South american way 1993
CARMEN MIRANDA- The extraordinary girl 2006
CARMEN MIRANDA- The originals. The brazilian tornado 2004

CARMEN MIRANDA- The ultimate collection 2001
CAROL BURNETT- Here's Carol 1968
CAROL BURNETT- Let me entertain you1963
CARROLL O'CONNOR- Remembering you 1972
CATHERINE DENEUVE- Souviens-tgoi de m'oublier 1981
CATHERINE SPAAK- Catherine Spaak 1963
CATHERINE SPAAK- I grandi successi 2001
CATHERINE SPAAK- Noi i siamo i Giovani 1964
CATHERINE SPAAK- Una cita con Catherine 1964
CHARLES AZNAVOUR- 20 chansons d'or 1995
CHARLES AZNAVOUR- Aznavour ...formidable 1973
CHARLES AZNAVOUR- Aznavour'65 (1965)
CHARLES AZNAVOUR- Chante (Jezabel) 1953

CHARLES AZNAVOUR- Chante vol.3 (1956)
CHARLES AZNAVOUR- Charles Aznavour vol.2 (1955)
CHARLES AZNAVOUR- Greatest hits 2001
CHARLES AZNAVOUR- Le disque d'or 1979
CHARLES AZNAVOUR- Les grands succes 1972
CHARLES AZNAVOUR- Platinum collection 2004
CHARLES BOYER- Where does love go 1966
CHARLES CHAPLIN- A countess from Hong Kong 1967
CHARLES CHAPLIN- City lights 1931
CHARLES CHAPLIN- Modern times 1936
CHARLES CHAPLIN- Oh! that Cello 1989
CHARLES CHAPLIN- The Circus 1928
CHARLTON HESTON- Reads from the life and passion of Jesus Christ 2003
CHARLTON HESTON- Reads the five books of Moses 1955
CHERYL LADD- Cheryl Ladd 1978
CHERYL LADD- Dance forever 1979
CHERYL LADD- Take a chance 1981
CHERYL LADD- The best of 1980
CLAIRE BLOOM- Snow white 1969
CLINT EASTWOOD- Changeling OST 2008
CLINT EASTWOOD- Flags of our fathers OST 2006
CLINT EASTWOOD- Grace is gone OST2007
CLINT EASTWOOD- Million dollar baby OST 2005
CLINT EASTWOOD- Mystic River OST 2003
CLINT EASTWOOD- Sings cowboy favorites 1962
CONNIE STEVENS- As cricket 1960
CONNIE STEVENS- Conchetta 1958
CONNIE STEVENS- The Hank Williams song book 1962
COURTNEY LOVE- America's sweetheart 2004
CURD JÜRGENS- Auf der reeperbahn nachts um halb eins 1970
DAN DAILEY- Mr. Musical Comedy 1958
DANA ANDREWS- Stories from The Bible in word and song 1962
DANIELLE DARRIEUX- Disque d'or 2003
DANIELLE DARRIEUX- Le temps du muguet 1959
DANNY KAYE- Danny Kaye 1964
DANNY KAYE- Hans Christian Andersen OST 1952
DANNY KAYE- Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tales 1962
DANNY KAYE- Johnny Green 1951
DANNY KAYE- Mommy, gimme a drinka water 1959
DAVID CARRADINE- Grasshopper 1975
DAVID HASSELHOFF- Crazy for you 1990
DAVID HASSELHOFF- Everybody sunshine 1992
DAVID HASSELHOFF- Looking for freedom 1989
DAVID HASSELHOFF- Lovin' feelings 1987
DAVID HASSELHOFF- Sings America 2004
DAVID HASSELHOFF- The very best of 2001
DAVID HASSELHOFF- You are everything 1993
DAVID HASSELHOFF- You've lost that loving feeling 1997
DAVID HEMMINGS- Happens 1967
DAVID McCALLUM- A bit more of me 1968
DAVID McCALLUM- A part of me 1966
DAVID McCALLUM- It's happening now! 1969
DAVID NIVEN- Reads the world's most famous love letters 1957
DEAN MARTIN- Dean 'Tex ' Martin rides again  1963
DEAN MARTIN- Dino 1962
DEAN MARTIN- Dino latino 1962
DEAN MARTIN- Dream with Dean 1964
DEAN MARTIN- Everybody loves somebody 1964
DEAN MARTIN- Hits again 1965
DEAN MARTIN- Houston 1965
DEAN MARTIN- Italian love songs 1962
DEAN MARTIN- Pretty baby 1957
DEAN MARTIN- Remenber me. I'm the one who loves you 1965
DEAN MARTIN- Sings 1955
DEAN MARTIN- Sings from the Stooge 1953
DEAN MARTIN- Sleep warm 1959
DEAN MARTIN- Sunny Italy 1953
DEAN MARTIN- Swingin' down yonder 1955

DEAN MARTIN- The door is still open to my heart 1964
DEAN MARTIN- The lush years 1965
DEAN MARTIN- This is 1958
DEAN MARTIN- This time i'm swingin'! 1960
DEANNA DURBIN- A date with 1970
DEANNA DURBIN- Can't help singing 1970
DEANNA DURBIN- Deanna Durbin 1958
DEANNA DURBIN- It's a date 1970
DEANNA DURBIN- Kiss me again 1998
DEANNA DURBIN- Memories 1982
DEANNA DURBIN- Sweetheart of song 1974
DEANNA DURBIN- The best of 1981
DEANNA DURBIN- The ultimate collection 1994
DEBBIE ALLEN- Special look 1989
DEBBIE REYNOLDS- Am i that easy to forget 1960
DEBBIE REYNOLDS- Fine and dandy 1960
DEBBIE REYNOLDS- From Debbie with love 1960
DEMI LOVATO- Don't forget 2008
DEMI LOVATO- Here we go again 2009
DENNIS WEAVER- Coming home to you 1984
DENNIS WEAVER- Dennis Weaver 1972
DENNIS WEAVER- One more road 1975
DENNIS WEAVER- People songs 1974
DENNIS WEAVER- Walk along with me 1979
DESI ARNAZ- Babalu 1954
DIAHANN CARROL- Diahann Carroll 1974
DIAHANN CARROL- Fun life 1961
DIAHANN CARROL- Nobody sees me cry. The best of the Columbia years 2001
DIAHANN CARROL- Sings Harold Arlen songs 1957
DIAHANN CARROL- With The Andre Previn Trio 1960
DIANA DORS- Swingin' Dors 1960
DICK POWELL- Presents 1962
DICK VAN DYKE- Songs i like 1963
DIRK BOGARDE- Lyrics for lovers 1960
DON ADAMS- Get smart 1966
DON ADAMS- Live 1967
DON ADAMS- Meets the roving reporter 1963
DON ADAMS- The detective (sin fecha)

DON JOHNSON- Heartbeat 1986
DON JOHNSON- Let it roll 1989
DON JOHNSON- Tell it like it is 1997
DON JOHNSON- The essential 1997
DORIS DAY & FRANK SINATRA- Young at heart 1954
DORIS DAY- Cuttin' capers 1959
DORIS DAY- Day by day 1956
DORIS DAY- Day by night 1957
DORIS DAY- Day dreams 1954
DORIS DAY- Duet with Andre Previn 1962
DORIS DAY- Hooray for Hollywood 1958
DORIS DAY- I'll see you in my dreams 1951
DORIS DAY- Latin for lovers 1965
DORIS DAY- Love him 1963
DORIS DAY- Lullaby of Broadway 1951
DORIS DAY- Show time 1960 
DOROTHY DANDRIDGE- Smooth operator 1999
DOROTHY LAMOUR- Favorite hawaiian songs (sin fecha)
DOROTHY LAMOUR- The moon of Manakoora 1997
DOROTHY LAMOUR- The road to romance 1957
DOROTHY PROVINE- Oh you kid! 1962
DOROTHY PROVINE- Vamp of the roaring 20's 1961
DUDLEY MOORE- 30 is a dangerous age, Cynthia! OST 1968
DUDLEY MOORE- Authentic Dude vol.2(sin fecha)
DUDLEY MOORE- Genuine Dud 1966
DUDLEY MOORE- Songs without words 1991
DUDLEY MOORE- The Dudley Moore Trio 1969
DUDLEY MOORE- The music of 1969
DUDLEY MOORE- The other side of 1965
DUDLEY MOORE- The world of 1969
DUDLEY MOORE- The world of, more vol.II 1969
DUDLEY MOORE- Today 1967
EDDIE ALBERT- The Eddie Albert album 1966
EDDIE CONSTANTINE- L'homme et l'enfant 1955
EDDIE CONSTANTINE- Recital a l' Olympia 1957
EDDIE CONSTANTINE- The best of 1967
EDDIE FISHER- As long as there's music 1958
EDDIE FISHER- Irvin Berlin favourites 1954

EDDIE FISHER- May i sing to you 1954
EDDIE FISHER- Sings Academy Award Winning Songs 1955
EDDIE MURPHY- Comedian 1983
EDDIE MURPHY- Eddie Murphy 1982
EDDIE MURPHY- Greatest comedy hits 1997
EDDIE MURPHY- How could it be 1985
EDDIE MURPHY- Love's alright 1993
EDDIE MURPHY- So happy 1989
EDIE ADAMS- Behind those swingin' doors 1964
EDIE ADAMS- Music to listen to records . Eddie Adams sings 1959
EDIE ADAMS- Show time on Broadway 1960
EDIE ADAMS- The charming Miss Eddie Adams 1997
EDIE ADAMS- There's so much more 1959
ELKE SOMMER- Elke Sommer 1979
ELKE SOMMER- Love in any language 1965
ELSA LANCHESTER- Cockney London 1960
ELSA LANCHESTER- The bride of Frankestein 2000
ELVIS PRESLEY- Elvis for everyone! 1965
ELVIS PRESLEY- Harum Scarum OST 1965
ELVIS PRESLEY- His hand in mine 1960
ELVIS PRESLEY- Loving you 1957
EMMA ROBERTS- Unfabulous and more 2005
ETHEL WATERS- The favorite songs of 2005
FABIAN- Hold that tiger ! 1959
FERGIE- The dutchess 2006
FERNANDEL- Album de 2 disques 1977
FERNANDEL- Le petit monde de Don Camilo 1953
FESS PARKER- Cowboy and indian songs 1957
FESS PARKER- Great american heroes 1996
FRANK SINATRA & COUNT BASIE- It might as well be swing 1964
FRANK SINATRA & COUNT BASIE- Sinatra-Basie an historic musical first 1963
FRANK SINATRA- All alone 1962
FRANK SINATRA- Close to you 1957
FRANK SINATRA- Come fly with me 1958
FRANK SINATRA- Conducts tone poems of color 1956
FRANK SINATRA- Days of wine and roses, moon river and other...1964
FRANK SINATRA- Dedicated to you 1950
FRANK SINATRA- In the wee small hours 1955
FRANK SINATRA- No one cares 1959
FRANK SINATRA- September of my years 1965

FRANK SINATRA- Sinatra's Sinatra 1963
FRANK SINATRA- Sing and dance 1950
FRANK SINATRA- Sofly, as i leave you Sinatra 1964
FRANK SINATRA- Songs by Sinatra 1950
FRANK SINATRA- Songs for swingin' lovers 1956
FRANK SINATRA- Songs for young lovers 1954
FRANK SINATRA- Swing easy 1954
FRANK SINATRA- The concert Sinatra 1963
FRANK SINATRA- Where are you 1957
FRANK SINTRA- Nice 'n' easy 1960
FRANKIE AVALON- And now about Mr. Avalon 1961
FRANKIE AVALON- Frankie Avalon 1958
FRANKIE AVALON- Muscle beach party 1963
FRANKIE AVALON- Swingin' on a Rainbow 1959
FRED ASTAIRE- The Astaire Story 1953
FRED ASTAIRE- The belle of New York 1952
FREDRIC MARCH- Hark! the years! 1954
GENE KELLY- 'S Wonderful 1996
GENE KELLY- Singin' in the rain again 1977
GENE KELLY- Song & dance man 1978
GEORGE CHAKIRIS- George Chakiris 1964
GEORGE CHAKIRIS- Rapelle-toi 1980
GEORGE SEGAL- The Imperial Jazz Band feat. the music of Scott Joplin 1974
GEORGE SEGAL- The yama yama man 1967
GINA GERSHON- In search of Cleo 2007
GINGER ROGERS- Alice in wonderland 1949
GOLDIE HAWN- Goldie 1972
GORDON MacRAE- Motion picture soundstage 1957
GORDON MacRAE- The best things in life are free 1956
GRACE KELLY- L'oise au du nord et l'oise au du soleil (sin dato de fecha)
GREGORY HINES- Gregory Hines 1991
HAYLEY MILLS- Let's get together with 1962
HILARY DUFF- Best of 2008
HILARY DUFF- Dignity 2007
HILARY DUFF- Hilary Duff 2004
HILARY DUFF- Metamorphosis 2003
HILARY DUFF- Most wanted 2005

HILDEGARD KNEF- Hildegard Knef 1964
HILDEGARD KNEF- Love for sale 1969
HILDEGARD KNEF- Portrait  in musik 1970
HILDEGARD KNEF- So oder so ist das leben 1963
HOLLY VALANCE- Footprints 2002
HOLLY VALANCE- State of mind 2003
HONOR BLACKMAN- Everything i've got by 1964
INGRID BERGMAN- The human voice 1960
IRENE CARA- Anyone can see 1982
IRENE CARA- Carasmatic 1987
IRENE CARA- Esta es Irene 1967
IRENE CARA- What a feelin' 1983
IRENE PAPAS- Songs of Theodorakis 1969
ISABELLE ADJANI- Pull Marine 1983
JACK LEMMON- A twist of Lemmon 1959
JACK PALANCE- Jack Palance 1969
JACQUES DUTRONC- Chansons 1970
JACQUES DUTRONC- Et moi, et moi, et moi 1966
JACQUES DUTRONC- L'lle enchanteresse 1975
JACQUES DUTRONC- L'opportuniste 1968
JAMES BELUSHI- 36-22-36 (as Jim Belushi & The Sacred Hearts) 1998
JAMES CAGNEY- In Strawberry Blonde 1941
JAMES DARREN- Sings for all sizes 1962
JAMES MASON- Twenty thousand leagues under the sea by Jules Verne 1955
JAMES WHITMORE- Will Roger's USA 1971
JAMIE FOXX- Intuition 2008
JAMIE FOXX- Peep this 1994
JAMIE FOXX- Unpredictable 2005
JANE BIRKIN- A la legere 1998
JANE BIRKIN- Amour des feintes 1990
JANE BIRKIN- Arabesque 2002
JANE BIRKIN- Au Bataclan 1987
JANE BIRKIN- Au Palace 2009
JANE BIRKIN- Baby alone in Babylone 1983
JANE BIRKIN- Ballade de Johnny-Jae. Lolita go home 1992
JANE BIRKIN- Best. Le meilleur de 2004
JANE BIRKIN- Birkin best of 2007
JANE BIRKIN- Concert integral a L'Olympia 1997

JANE BIRKIN- Concert integral au Casino de Paris 1998
JANE BIRKIN- Di doo dah 1973
JANE BIRKIN- Enfants d'hiver 2008
JANE BIRKIN- Ex fan des sixties 1978
JANE BIRKIN- Ex-fan des sixties. Baby alone in Babylone 1992
JANE BIRKIN- Fictions 2006
JANE BIRKIN- Gold 2007
JANE BIRKIN- Jane B. integrale 1992
JANE BIRKIN- Jane en concert au Japon 2001
JANE BIRKIN- Je t'aime moi non plus 1978
JANE BIRKIN- Lolita go home 1975
JANE BIRKIN- Lost song 1987
JANE BIRKIN- Master serie vol.1 (1987)
JANE BIRKIN- Master serie vol.2 (1994)
JANE BIRKIN- Quoi 1985
JANE BIRKIN- Rendez-vous 2004
JANE BIRKIN- Versions Jane 1996
JANE POWELL- Can't we be friends 2004
JANE POWELL- Sings with David Rose 1959
JANE POWELL- Something wonderful 1956
JANE RUSSELL & MARILYN MONROE- Gentlemen prefer blondes 1953
JANE RUSSELL- Jane Russell 1958
JANE RUSSELL- Miss Jane Russell sings 2003
JANE RUSSELL- The fuzzy pink nightgown 1957
JANET JACKSON- All for you 2001
JANET JACKSON- Control 1986
JANET JACKSON- Control the remixes 1987
JANET JACKSON- Damita Jo 2004
JANET JACKSON- Design of a decade 1986-1996 (1995)
JANET JACKSON- Discipline 2008
JANET JACKSON- Dream street 1984
JANET JACKSON- Janet Jackson 1982
JANET JACKSON- Janet remixed 1995
JANET JACKSON- Rhythm nation 1814 (1989)
JANET JACKSON- The velvet rope 1997
JAYNE MANSFIELD- Busts up Las Vegas 1961
JAYNE MANSFIELD- Moliendo cafe 1963
JEAN MARAIS- Chante Marais et Cocteau (sin fecha)
JEANETTE McDONALD & NELSON EDDY- America's singing sweethearts  (sin fecha)

JEANETTE McDONALD & NELSON EDDY- Favorites in Hi-Fi 1959
JEANETTE McDONALD- Smilin' through 1960
JEANNE MOREAU- 12 Chansons 1967
JEANNE MOREAU- Chante 12 chansons de Cyrus Bassiak 1963
JEANNE MOREAU- Jeanne chante 1965
JEANNE MOREAU- Jeanne Moreau 1987
JEANNE MOREAU- L'album collection 1999
JEANNE MOREAU- Les chansons de Clarisse 1968
JEFF BRIDGES- Be here soon 2000
JEFF CHANDLER- Warm and easy (sin fecha)
JEFF DANIELS- Live and unplugged to benefit The Purple Rose Theatre 2004
JENNIFER HUDSON- Jennifer Hudson 2008
JENNIFER LOPEZ- Como ama una mujer 2007
JENNIFER LOPEZ- J to tha L-O! the remixes 2002
JENNIFER LOPEZ- On the 6 (1999)
JENNIFER LOPEZ- Rebirth 2005
JENNIFER LOPEZ- This is me...then 2002
JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT- Cool with you 2006
JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT- Jennifer Love Hewitt 1996
JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT- Let's go bang 1995
JERRY LEWIS- Big songs for little people 1960
JERRY LEWIS- Capitol Records Series 1990
JERRY LEWIS- Just sings 1956
JERRY LEWIS- More 1957
JERRY LEWIS- Sings for children 1962
JERRY LEWIS- Sings from the heart 1957
JERRY LEWIS- Sings of Cinderfella OST 1960
JERRY LEWIS- The nagger 1955
JESSICA HARPER- Wonderful life 1995
JESSICA SIMPSON- A public affair 2006
JESSICA SIMPSON- Do you know 2008
JESSICA SIMPSON- In this skin 2003
JESSICA SIMPSON- Irresistible 2001
JESSICA SIMPSON- Sweet kisses 1999
JESSICA SIMPSON- The singles 2008

JILL HENNESSY- Ghost in my head 2009
JIMMY DURANTE- As time goes 1993
JIMMY DURANTE- Hello young lovers 1964
JIMMY DURANTE- Inka dinka doo 1986
JIMMY DURANTE- September song 1963
JOAN CRAWFORD- Silver screen star series 1976
JOE PESCI- Little Joe sure can sing! 1968
JOE PESCI- Vincent Laguardia Gambini. Sings just for you 1998
JOHN BARRYMORE- Reads Shakespeare vol.1 (sin fecha)
JOHN CARRADINE- Hollywood on parade 2004
JOHN TRAVOLTA- Can't let you go 1977
JOHN TRAVOLTA- Greatest hits 2003
JOHN TRAVOLTA- John Travolta 1976
JOHN TRAVOLTA- The collection 2003
JOHN TRAVOLTA- Travolta fever 1978
JOHN TRAVOLTA- Whenever i'm away from you 1978
JOHN WAYNE- America, why i love her 1973
JUDY GARLAND & LIZA MINNELLI- Live at The London Palladium 1965
JUDY GARLAND- A star is born 1958
JUDY GARLAND- Alone 1957
JUDY GARLAND- Garland at the Grove 1959
JUDY GARLAND- Judy at the Palace 1952
JUDY GARLAND- Judy Garland 1954
JUDY GARLAND- Judy in love 1958
JUDY GARLAND- Miss show business 1955
JUDY GARLAND- Sings 1951
JUDY GARLAND- The Garland touch 1962
JUDY HOLLIDAY- Trouble is a man 1958
JULIE ANDREWS & MARTYN GREEN- Tell it again 1957
JULIE ANDREWS and CAROL BURNETT- Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall 1962
JULIE ANDREWS- Broadway's fair 1962
JULIE ANDREWS- Don't go in the lion's cage tonight 1963
JULIE ANDREWS- Love Julie 1987
JULIE ANDREWS- Love me tender 1982
JULIE ANDREWS- Tea for two 1997
JULIE ANDREWS- The best of 1996

JULIE ANDREWS- The lass with the delicate air 1957
JULIE LONDON- About the blues 1957
JULIE LONDON- All through the night 1965
JULIE LONDON- Around midnight 1960
JULIE LONDON- Calendar girl 1956
JULIE LONDON- In person 1964
JULIE LONDON- Julie 1958
JULIE LONDON- Julie is her name 1955
JULIE LONDON- Julie is her name vol.2 (1958)
JULIE LONDON- Julie on TV 1964
JULIE LONDON- home 1960
JULIE LONDON- Latin in a satin mood 1963
JULIE LONDON- London by night 1959
JULIE LONDON- Lonely girl 1956
JULIE LONDON- Love letters 1962
JULIE LONDON- Make love to me 1957
JULIE LONDON- Send for me 1960
JULIE LONDON- Sophisticated lady 1962
JULIE LONDON- Swing me an old song 1959
JULIE LONDON- The end of the world 1963
JULIE LONDON- The wonderful world 1963
JULIE LONDON- You don't have to be a baby to cry 1964
JULIE LONDON- Your number please... 1959
JULIETTE LEWIS- Terra incognita 2009
KEIR DULLEA- Keir Dullea 1968
KEITH CARRADINE- I'm easy 1976
KEITH CARRADINE- Lost and found 1978
KEKE PALMER- So uncool 2007
KITTY CARLISLE- The Desert song 1945
LAURENCE HARVEY- This is my beloved 1962
LAURENCE OLIVIER- Olivier in scenes from Shakespeare's 1955
LEE REMICK- Anyone can whiatle 1964-Musicals Broadway
LEONOR WATLING-MARLANGO- The electrical morning 2008
LILY TOMLIN- And that's the truth 1972
LILY TOMLIN- On stage 1977
LILY TOMLIN- This is a recording 1971
LINDSAY LOHAN- A litte more personal (Raw) 2005
LINDSAY LOHAN- Spirit in the dark 20096
LINE RENAUD- Bal aux Baleares 1969

LINE RENAUD- Je veux 1954
LINE RENAUD- Les annees chansos 1994
LINE RENAUD- Line Renaud 1953
LINE RENAUD- Mon petit bonhomme de chemin 1952
LIONEL BARRYMORE- Hallowe'en a musical fantasy 1947
LIZA MINNELLI- 16 Biggest hits 2000
LIZA MINNELLI- 20th Century Masters 2001
LIZA MINNELLI- A touch of class 1998
LIZA MINNELLI- All that jazz 1999
LIZA MINNELLI- At Carnegie Hall 1981
LIZA MINNELLI- At Carnegie Hall 1987
LIZA MINNELLI- Come saturday morning 1969
LIZA MINNELLI- Four sider 1977
LIZA MINNELLI- Gently 1996
LIZA MINNELLI- It amazes me 1965
LIZA MINNELLI- Live at the Olympia in Paris 1973
LIZA MINNELLI- Live at The Winter Garden 1974
LIZA MINNELLI- Live from Radio City Music Hall 1992
LIZA MINNELLI- Liza Liza! 1964
LIZA MINNELLI- Liza Minnelli 1968
LIZA MINNELLI- Liza with A-Z 1972
LIZA MINNELLI- Liza! Liza! 1964
LIZA MINNELLI- Liza's at The Palace 2009
LIZA MINNELLI- Liza's back 2002
LIZA MINNELLI- Magic collection 2000
LIZA MINNELLI- Master series 1997
LIZA MINNELLI- Maybe this time 1978
LIZA MINNELLI- Millennium edition 2000
LIZA MINNELLI- Minnelli on Minnelli. Live at The Palace 2000
LIZA MINNELLI- New feelin' 1970
LIZA MINNELLI- Results 1989
LIZA MINNELLI- Stepping out 1991
LIZA MINNELLI- The act 1993
LIZA MINNELLI- The best of 2004
LIZA MINNELLI- The Capitol years 2001
LIZA MINNELLI- The collection 1995
LIZA MINNELLI- The singer 1973
LIZA MINNELLI- The very best of 2001
LIZA MINNELLI- There is a time 1966
LIZA MINNELLI- Tropical nights 1977

LIZA MINNELLI- Ultimate collection 2001
LOLA ALBRIGHT- Dreamsville 1959
LOLA ALBRIGHT- Lola wants you 1957
LOUIS DE FUNES- Revisons nos classiques avec 2006
MAE WEST- I'm no angel 1996
MAE WEST- The fabulous (sin fecha)
MAE WEST- Way out west 1966
MAGALI NOEL- Fais-moi mal Johnny 1994
MAGALI NOEL- Rock an roll 1956
MAMIE VAN DOREN- The girl who invented rock 'n' roll 1986
MANDY MOORE-  Amanda Leigh 2009
MANDY MOORE- Candy 2005
MANDY MOORE- Coverage 2003
MANDY MOORE- I wanna be with you 2000
MANDY MOORE- Mandy Moore 2001
MANDY MOORE- So real 1999
MANDY MOORE- The best of 2004
MANDY MOORE- Wild hope 2007
MARIA CONCHITA ALONSO- Hoy y siempre 1997
MARIA CONCHITA ALONSO- Love maniac (as ambar) 1979
MARIA CONCHITA ALONSO- Maria Conchita 1984
MARIA CONCHITA ALONSO- O ella, o yo 1985
MARIA CONCHITA ALONSO- The witch (as ambar) 1980
MARIE LAFORET- 20 titres originaux 1989
MARIE LAFORET- 24 Succes 1973
MARIE LAFORET- Album 2 (1965)
MARIE LAFORET- Eventail 63-93 (1994)
MARIE LAFORET- Fragile de A á Z 1994
MARIE LAFORET- Harmonie 1978
MARIE LAFORET- Il reviendra 1977
MARIE LAFORET- La verité 1976
MARIE LAFORET- Les vendanges de l'amour. Viens sur la montagne 1973
MARIE LAFORET- Marie Laforet 1973
MARIE LAFORET- Marie Laforet 1988
MARIE LAFORET- Marie Laforet 1999

MARIE LAFORET- Moi, je voyage 1979
MARIE LAFORET- Musidisc 1973
MARIE LAFORET- Portrait 1971
MARIE LAFORET- Portrait 1978
MARIE LAFORET- Pourquoi les hommes pleurent 1973
MARIE LAFORET- Recital 1970
MARIE LAFORET- Reconnaissances 1993
MARIE LAFORET- Ses plus grands succes 1976
MARIE LAFORET- Succes en Or 1978
MARIE LAFORET- Surprise partie 1991
MARIE LAFORET- The fruits of love 1966
MARIE LAFORET- Tu me plais 1972
MARIE LAFORET- Viens sur la montagne 1964
MARIE LAFORET- Vol.5 (1967)
MARIE LAFORET- Voyages au long cours 1998
MARILYN MONROE- A Marilyn 1959
MARILYN MONROE- Marilyn 1963
MARILYN MONROE- Never before and never again 1978
MARIO LANZA- A Napoli 1965
MARIO LANZA- For the first time 1959
MARIO LANZA- Sings Caruso favorites 1960
MARIO LANZA- The desert song 1959
MARIO LANZA- The essential 2007
MARIO LANZA- The Student Prince 1954
MARIO LANZA- You do something to me 1963
MARION COTILLARD- Cinq contes musicaux pour les petitts 2006
MARLENE DIECTRICH- Marlene in London 1965
MARLENE DIETRICH- At the Cafe de Paris 1954
MARLENE DIETRICH- Dietrich in Rio 1960
MARLENE DIETRICH- Lili Marlene 1959
MARLENE DIETRICH- Live at the Cafe de Paris 1964
MARLENE JOBERT- Dit prevert 1978
MARLENE JOBERT- Tout pour se plaire 1986
MAUREEN O'HARA- Love letters from 1959
MAUREEN O'HARA- Sings her favorite irish songs 1962
MAURICE CHEVALIER- Maurice Chevalier 1953
MAURICE CHEVALIER- Toujours Maurice 1960
MEL BROOKS- High anxiety 1978
MELINA MERCOURI- Chansons 1974

MELINA MERCOURI- Melina Mercouri 1972
MELINA MERCOURI- Si Melina...m'etait contee 1973
MELINA MERCOURI- The great 1994
MICHAEL CAINE- Cained 2007
MICHELLE PHILLIPS- Victim of romance 1977
MICKEY ROONEY- Go ahead and laff 2000
MICKEY ROONEY- Sings George M. Cohan 1957
MILLA JOVOVICH- The divine comedy 1994
MIREILLE DARC- Compartiment 23 (1968)
MIREILLE DARC- Ne cherche pas a me plaire 1967
MITZI GAYNOR- Mitzi 1958
MITZI GAYNOR- Sings the lyrics of Ira Gershwin 1959
NATALIA OREIRO- Natalia Oreiro 1999
NATALIA OREIRO- Tu veneno 2007
NATALIA OREIRO- Turmalina 2002
NED BEATTY- In the beginning was the word 2006
NOEL COWARD- At Las Vegas 1955
NOEL COWARD- I'll see you again 1994
NOEL COWARD- In New York 1959
NOEL COWARD- The Noel Coward album 1991
PAT BOONE- He leadeth me 1959
PAT BOONE- Howdy! 1956
PAT BOONE- Hymns we love 1957
PAT BOONE- I'll see you in my dreams 1961
PAT BOONE- Pat 1957
PAT BOONE- Pat Boone 1956
PAT BOONE- Side by side with Shirley Boone 1959
PAT BOONE- Sings 1958
PAT BOONE- Sings Irving Berlin 1957
PAT BOONE- Star dust 1958
PAT BOONE- Tenderly 1959
PAT BOONE- This and that 1960
PAT BOONE- Yes indeed! 1958
PATTY DUKE- Don't just stand there 1965
PATTY DUKE- Patty 1966
PATTY DUKE- Sings folk songs 1968
PATTY DUKE- The best of. Just Patty 1996
PEDRO INFANTE- 15 inmortales de 1983
PEDRO INFANTE- El fabuloso 1976

PEDRO INFANTE- Las mañanitas 1950
PEDRO INFANTE- Rancheras inmortales vol.1 (2002)
PETER LORRE- Suspense! 1975
PETER SELLERS- Sellers market 1979
PETER SELLERS- Songs for swingin' Sellers 1959
PETER SELLERS- The best of Sellers 1958
PETER SELLERS- The Peter Sellers Collection 1990
PETER USTINOV- The brilliant humorist takes a devastating look at sports car racing 1958
PIER ANGELI- Italia con Pier Angeli 1959
QUEEN LATIFAH- All hail the queen 1989
QUEEN LATIFAH- Black reign 1993
QUEEN LATIFAH- Nature of a Sista' 1991
QUEEN LATIFAH- Order in the court 1998
QUEEN LATIFAH- Persona 2009
QUEEN LATIFAH- The Dana Owens album 2004
QUEEN LATIFAH- Trav'lin' light 2007
RAVEN-SIMONE. Here's to new dreams 1993
RAVEN-SIMONE. This is my time 2004
RED BUTTONS- Never got a dinner and i was there 2001
RICHARD BURTON- A personalanthology 1978
RICHARD BURTON- The days of Wildred Owen 1966
RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN- Richard Chamberlain 1965
RICHARD HARRIS- A tramp shining 1968
RICHARD HARRIS- In the membership of my days 1974
RICHARD HARRIS- Jonathan Livingston Seagull 1973
RICHARD HARRIS- The yard went on forever ...1968
RICHARD PRYOR- Bicentenial nigger 1976
RICHARD PRYOR- Blackjack 1971
RICHARD PRYOR- Craps (after hours) 1971
RICHARD PRYOR- Greatest hits 1977
RICHARD PRYOR- Richard Pryor 1968
RICHARD PRYOR- That nigger's crazy 1974
RICHARD PRYOR- The very best of 1982
RICK NELSON- Album seven by Rick 1962
RICK NELSON- Ricky 1957

RICK NELSON- Sings for you 1963
RICKY NELSON- More songs by Ricky 1960
RICKY NELSON- Ricky Nelson 1958
RICKY NELSON- Ricky sings again 1959
RICKY NELSON- Songs by Ricky 1959
RITA MORENO- Rita Moreno 2000
RITA MORENO- SIngs Academy Award Winner 1962
ROBERT DE NIRO- In conversation 1998
ROBERT DOWNEY JR.- The futurist 2004
ROBERT MITCHUM- Calypso is like so...1958
ROBERT MITCHUM- Tall dark stranger 1997
ROBERT MITCHUM- That man 1967
ROBERT VAUGHN- Readings from Hamlet 1967
ROBIN WILLIAMS- A night at the met 1985
ROBIN WILLIAMS- Reality...what a concept 1979
ROBIN WILLIAMS- Throbbing Python of love 1983
ROCK HUDSON- Gently 1970
RODDY McDOWALL- Reads the horror stories of H.P. Lovecraft 1962
RONALD REAGAN- On Radio! (sin fecha)
ROSEMARY CLOONEY & PEREZ PRADO- A touch of tabasco 1959
ROSEMARY CLOONEY- Blue rose 1956
ROSEMARY CLOONEY- Clooney tunes 1957
ROSEMARY CLOONEY- Hymns from the heart 1959
ROSEMARY CLOONEY- Ring around Rosie (with The Hi-Lo's) 1957
SAL MINEO- Sal 1958
SAMANTHA MUMBA- Gotta tell you 2000
SAMANTHA MUMBA- The collection 2006
SAMMY DAVIS & CARMEN McRAE- Porgy and Bess 1959
SAMMY DAVIS JR.- All the way... and then some! 1958
SAMMY DAVIS JR.- I gotta right tos swing 1960
SAMMY DAVIS JR.- It's all over but the swingin' 1957
SAMMY DAVIS JR.- Sammy swings 1957
SAMMY DAVIS JR.- Starring 1955
SAMMY DAVIS JR.- The wham of Sam 1961
SARA MONTIEL- La violetera 1958
SARITA MONTIEL- Besos de fuego 1958
SARITA MONTIEL- Canta las canciones de la película 'El último cuplé' 1957
SARITA MONTIEL- Carmen la de Ronda 1959
SARITA MONTIEL- Mi ultimo tango 1960
SEBASTIAN CABOT & BOB DYLAN- A dramatic reading with music 1967

SELENA GOMEZ- Kiss & Tell 2009
SENTA BERGER- Wir werden sehn...1989
SHIRLEY JONES- Shirley 1992
SHIRLEY MacLAINE- Live at The Palace 1976
SHIRLEY TEMPLE- Curtain call 1966
SHIRLEY TEMPLE- Little Miss Shirley Temple (sin fecha)
SHIRLEY TEMPLE- The very best 2008
SIDNEY POITIER- Poetry of the black man 1969
SIDNEY POITIER- Poitier meets plato 1965
SISSY SPACEK- Hangin' up my heart 1983
SLIM PICKENS- Slim Pickens 1977
SOPHIA LOREN- In Rome 1998
SOPHIE MONK- Calendar girl 2003
SOUNDTRACK- Girl happy by Elvis Presley 1965
STEFANIE POWERS- On the same page 2003
STEVE ALLEN- Bossanova Jazz 1963
STEVE ALLEN- Melancholy mood 1962
STEVE ALLEN- Monday nights 1960
STEVE ALLEN- Plays jazz tonight 1960
STEVE ALLEN- Tonight at midnight 1960
STEVE COOGAN- Live 'n' lewd 2006
STEVE MARTIN- A wild and crazy guy 1978
STEVE MARTIN- Comedy is not pretty! 1979
STEVE MARTIN- Let's get small 1977
STEVE MARTIN- The Steve Martin Brothers 1981
SUSAN HAYWARD- Susan Hayward (sin dato de fecha)
TAB HUNTER- Tab Hunter 2003
TAB HUNTER- Young love. The best of 2005
TATYANA ALI- Kiss the sky 1998
TAYLOR SWIFT- Fearless 2008
TAYLOR SWIFT- Taylor Swift 2006
TELLY SAVALAS- Sweet surprises 1980
TELLY SAVALAS- Telly Savalas 1974
TELLY SAVALAS- This is 1974
TELLY SAVALAS- Who loves ya baby 1976
TINA LOUISE- Her portrait in hi-fi 1957
TINA LOUISE- It's time 1957
TONY PERKINS- On a rainy afternoon 1958
TONY RANDALL- Oh Captain ! O.S.T. 1958
TONY RANDALL- Vo, vo, de, oh, doe 1967
TONY RANDALL- Warm and wavery 1968

TOTO- 'A Livella 1981
TWIGGY- London pride 1996
TWIGGY- Midnight blue 2003
TWIGGY- The best of 1998
TWIGGY- Twiggy 1976
VALERIE LAGRANGE- Compilation 1987
VALERIE LAGRANGE- Faut plus me la faire 1980
VALERIE LAGRANGE- Fleuve Congo 2003
VALERIE LAGRANGE- Les trottoirs de l'eternite 1983
VALERIE LAGRANGE- Moitie ange, moitie bete 1966
VANESSA HUDGENS- Identified 2008
VANESSA WILLIAMS- 20 th Century Masters. The Millennium Collection 2003
VANESSA WILLIAMS- Everlasting love 2005
VANESSA WILLIAMS- Greatest hits 1998
VANESSA WILLIAMS- Love songs 2004
VANESSA WILLIAMS- Silver & Gold 2004
VANESSA WILLIAMS- Star bright 1996
VANESSA WILLIAMS- The comfort zone 1991
VANESSA WILLIAMS- The real thing 2009
VANESSA WILLIAMS- The right stuff 1988
VANESSA WILLIAMS- The sweetest days 1994
VICTOR BUONO- Heavy! 1971
VIGGO MORTENSEN- Intelligence failure 2005
VIGGO MORTENSEN- One less thing to worry abaout 1999
VIGGO MORTENSEN- One man's meat 1999
VIGGO MORTENSEN- Pandemoniumfroamerica 2003
VIGGO MORTENSEN- Please tomorrow 2004
VIGGO MORTENSEN- The other parade 1999
VIGGO MORTENSEN- This that and the other 2004
VINCENT PRICE- Witchraft magic 1969
VITTORIO DE SICA- Le canzoni di 1991
VITTORIO GASSMAN- Naufrago d'amore 1985
WILLIAM CONRAD- Spirits and spooks for Halloween summoned up 1973

WILLIAM SHATNER- The transformed man 1968
YUL BRYNNER- The gypsy and i with Aliosha Dimitrievitch 1967
YVES MONTAND- ...At his best 2001
YVES MONTAND- Chansons d'amour vol.1 (1968)
YVES MONTAND- Chansons de Paris 1959
YVES MONTAND- Je sais qie vous etes jolies 1968
YVES MONTAND- Montand 2000
YVES MONTAND- Olympia 81 (1981)
YVES MONTAND- Sentimental 1965
YVES MONTAND- Ses plus grands succés 1977

(No se han incluido las intervenciones como protagonistas en bandas sonoras originales de películas super conocidas, que serán objeto de una próxima entrada).

Las imágenes de las carátulas de los discos son propiedad de las respectivas compañías discográficas o de sus distribuidoras autorizadas.

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